Mom, Model & Entrpreneur

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Exclusive Interview with Independent Film Actress Katrina Howell In this episode Donna Walker of Coffee Time A.K.A TBC Coffee Time, sits down in the lovely  home of independent film actress Katrina Howell for an exc...

Spring is in the air

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Spring is in the air :   Coffee Time S1 E14 Spring is here and it's time to clean house, heart, and spirits. Join Donna Walker and Denise Scholl as they give in to the spring fever.

Female Positive Role Models

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The Princess of Poetry #‎Humble‬ ONE word "Humble", is how we describe our next upcoming guest on Coffee Time  and this months Coffee Time Female Positive Role Model ... The Princess of Poetry is a survivor of ‪#‎...

John Legend -So High (Cover-Maurice Scott)

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John Legend -So High (Cover-Maurice Scott)

March Madness

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March Madness Coffee Time S1-E12 On this weeks episode of Coffee Time, Host Donna Walker and Denise Scholl are  talking about March Madness with the folks at Greensboro North Carolina's local Barbershop "Blendz" ,...

Chicken Foot Soup

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Coffee Time S1-E11 Keeping warm this winter with Chicken Foot Soup Join the ladies of Coffee Time as they get warm during the winter with a bowl of "Chicken Foot Soup", Also stopping by again Annette Reid from Coo...

What does drinking water mean to you?

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The Water Challenge Continues What does drinking water mean to you... Co-Host Donna Walker of our new T.V. & internet show Coffee Time  A.K.A TBC Coffee Time , has been suffering from high blood pressure for some...

Coffee Time S1-E10 A Polished Soul

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A Polished Soul Overcoming against all odds.

Exclusive Interview w/Evin Gibson

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Taking off with Evin...   Join The ladies from Coffee Time , as they interview Singer/Model/Actor and now promoter Evin Gibson ... Talking about his tour, his role in the upcoming T.V. show OutBreak Zero , hi...

Coffee Time S1-E8 “Happy Valentines”

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Coffee Time S1-E7 Stress

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Who handles stress better men or women?  

Giving back to your Community

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Join Coffee Time as they talk to some amazing folks who are giving back to their community in their own special way. With special guest Larry Syid Wright talking about his program called paper to film for children and...

The Bigg Chat Top Posts

Hello world!

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Welcome to The Bigg Chat. Inspiration, Information, and Entertainment is the name of the game here at "The Bigg Chat". Donna Walker and the crew of  "The Bigg Chat" are working hard to get this site ready for yo...

Radio Juice Time

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It's Radio Juice time #Man , Kickin it with Donna & Ro has hit the net bigg time, a hot new show hosted on RAW STEEL Blog Radio... Created by & called "KICKIN IT WITH...

What is Lupus and who are the faces of Lupus

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Blog By Donna Walker:     Just yesterday a friend of mind “who I consider to be a powerful spoken word artist”, asked me to post an awareness picture on my facebook page for the entire day of th...

Stay Tuned !!!!!

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Stay Tuned !!!!! Check it out mannnnnnnn!!!!!!  Chatting it up with Donna Walker is almost here,  awesome shows to follow...

Myths, Memoirs and Confessions of an Ex-Felon—The Author’s Journey

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Reaching the end of another year leads each of us to reflect on our past failures and accomplishments. Myths, Memoirs and Confessions of an Ex-Felon is a story of an ex convicts rise, fall and redemption from a dual p...

Everything is Business or Is It?

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  We always have to make choices between our professional and personal affairs as to which one receives the bulk of our attention. We constantly struggle with the balancing act of finding enough time t...


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CHATTING IT UP WITH DONNA'S SCHEDULE FOR FEBRUARY 2014  Interviewing  in feb Actor/model  Evin Gibson about his new part on the upcoming show "OutBreak" Full interview coming soon  2/15/14     Chillaxing and han...


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Turn Up

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Everybody talking about turnup! TurnUp! TURNUP! That's what gets everyone motivated too... Go to the club, get drunk, party! Support an event that is perceived as live! Hustle to get crunk while in motion! All the...

Who is the real diamond behind ….Aunt Kitty Diamond

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Aunt Kitty Diamond originally came from Freeport Long Island. And as we all know the running joke is, “ Long Island has put something in their water supply,” because LI accounts for a good number of people who are cur...

Century and a half

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Imagine living past your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and then your great, great grandchildren…. Some would say that living a Century and a half is almost like finding the key to everlasting life. M...

Ladies of J.A.M

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The "The Bigg Chat Spotlight" presents The Ladies of J.A.M