175037_YZZEYHYJFire & Ice Concert plus Birthday Bash


Who says when you hit your 40s’ you slow down, not me #MaNN, matter of fact I’m 46 and I’m feeling Fabulous #What . Before I tell you about my fabulous Bday “WEEKEND”, I have to tell you about the day my 1st child was born.

My Birthdays have always been a big deal to me so when I was pregnant with my 1st child I was upset because I was finally turning 21 but I couldn’t drink.  So my grandmother decided to plan a baby shower for me on my birthday with all of my favorite foods.  I’m talking cheese cake, Spanish rice, Black beans and chicken cooked in white wine #What.  I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep, then four o’clock in the morning I started to feel a pain that I never thought I could imagine in my entire life.  Six hours later, I got the best gift that a mother could ask for, my 1st child was born on my Birthday.

So my Birthday was even more special to me from that day on, and this year my son took me out to eat and to the movies. I love my son and  I love all my boys they are such gentlemen and they love their momma, I’m not sure what I would do without them.

This week was really fabulous because I also gained a new friendship with some wonderful ladies that took me out for breakfast for my birthday this Friday. I felt like that show girlfriends, when they would hang out at their favorite spot and talk about life. This place was great, everyone knew everyone and everyone was happy to see each other.

Then Saturday came and it was time to hang out with The Bigg Chat ladies and the hubbies at the Fire & Ice concert featuring international recording artist Evin Gibson.  I had a blast and lol maybe a little too much to drink “hey it was my BDay”, but I didn’t have too much that I couldn’t be professional and interview  Jay Productions Hip Hop artist Kore Stacks Dee Dee Walker style.  I enjoyed myself and hip hop artist Kore Stack’s  announced during my interview,  that he will be joining the cast on the hot TV show Love & hip hop #What . I also had the pleasure of chatting with the owner of Jay Productions Jakeem Smith and hip hop artist drilzz who also perform at the fire & Ice concert.

This week was a wonderful week, and thank you for reading my BDay Blog #MaNN , please continue to follow me on https://facebook.com/DeeDeeWalkerLive on twiter @DeeDeeWallker70 and on Periscope at Dee Dee Walker…. Also check out my blogs on www.TheBiggChat.com